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Curd Lassi Plant

Curd: Fermented milk products are very popular in India and is consumed by large population. Indian Curd(Dahi) is of these products. For making this the Filtered, standardized, homogenized and pasteurized milk is cooled to 22-25 deg C and then culture is inoculated to milk. The inoculated milkis then packed incups and kept for incubation 16-18 hours toincubation chamber/room.
Lassi: Lassi is the traditional Indian beverage that is made by blending curd with water, salt with spices or sugar with flavor.
We provide complete range of equipments to manufacture fermented milk products. The equipments used to made these products are Storage tank, Pasteurizer, Homogenizer, Double jacketed multipurpose vat, Incubation chamber etc